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Smart Regression Testing Services

Smart regression testing can play a significant role in supporting Digital Transformation. It establishes a system for continuous testing, with shorter feedback loops and boosts agility.¬†Regressions are unforeseen side effects of an application modification. A regression test flags these adverse effects. It ensures new code changes won’t adversely affect the application’s existing codebase. Regression tests should generate the most value in the shortest amount of time. Speed and coverage are of the essence to get desired benefits of regression testing.

Smart regression tests help to reduce overhead costs and improve delivery speed. Since only the tests relevant to code changes at any point in time are run, it eliminates potential errors caused by out-of-date or irrelevant tests. Smart regression testing optimizes the number of tests run while still providing good coverage of the codebase.

Kairos provides automated smart regression testing services that maximize efficiency and streamline DevOps processes. We take a risk-based approach that uses ML algorithms to select the tests to be included in a regression test suite.


Automated regression testing is crucial to CI/CD operations. Smart regression testing in a CI/CD pipeline reduces execution overhead by excluding redundant test cases.

Our AI-powered automated testing solution KiTAP helps you to execute smart regression tests. We apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to improve test selection accuracy. Our regression testing method is built on an adaptive fitness function, which learns how to choose test cases based on previous execution outcomes. Our intelligent regression testing emphasizes evaluating the application’s more crucial and error-prone features and functions. Our risk-based testing strategy systematically handles a regression testing suite’s size and complexity constraints. With KiTAP, you can focus on developing new features while your smart regression tests validate their quality.


Kairos Smart Regression Testing Services

Kairos offers Smart Regression Testing services to help optimize efficiency and code coverage. We employ several techniques to determine which tests to run as part of a smart regression test. One approach is to use static analysis tools to identify the lines of code that have been modified and then select tests that exercise those lines of code.

Kairos Smart Regression Testing provides a framework balanced by a flexible process to achieve this objective – “filter errors with maximum efficiency”, thereby avoiding the need to run the full regression suite for every change. We also use machine learning algorithms to predict which tests are most likely to fail based on past test results and code changes. Our regression testing takes full advantage of automation as an integral mechanism.


Kairos smart regression testing strategy involves selecting and prioritizing test cases for regression testing based on the likelihood of a change affecting those test cases.

Our smart regression testing prioritizes testing those aspects and functions of the application that are more critical and carry a higher risk of errors.

  • Analyze code changes.
  • Identify affected test cases.
  • Prioritize testcases based on impact probability.
  • Select test cases for regression test run.
  • Execute selected test cases.
  • Check coverage.
Analyze fix
Analyze & Fix
  • Analyze results and fix issues.
  • Modify test cases and update test suite.
Why automate your Regression Testing with Kairos?

Kairos provides companies with experience and tools to automate their regression testing for maximum efficiency.

Accelerated regression cycle-time

Extended definition of test automation

Test coverage across risks, code, and error-prone clusters

Realistic tests that match consumer usage patterns

Dynamic test beds that bring life to state tests

Analytical test reports (change-to-error ratios, costly changes, etc.)

With Kairos, you get quality regression testing services tailored to your unique needs. Trust us with your regression testing needs and let our team of experts ensure that your software development process is flawless.

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