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Salesforce Testing Services

Digital Transformation initiatives are strategic. Enterprises are weaving success stories with a balanced portfolio of digital systems that deliver delightful experiences for their customers. SaaS offerings augment their home-grown on-prem systems, migrated-to-cloud and cloud-native systems. As businesses increasingly rely on SaaS solutions to manage their client relationships, they need more configurations and workflows to meet their digital needs.
The complicated nature of testing these processes can become overwhelming. To ensure the success of these systems and processes, businesses need a comprehensive and reliable testing solution to ensure their success.
This is where Kairos comes in. We are a leading Salesforce QA provider, offering comprehensive Salesforce CRM testing services to ensure customized Salesforce functionalities meet the highest standards. Our Salesforce application life cycle testing services are designed to provide businesses with an enhanced user experience that meets their diverse needs.

Our regression packs support faster testing of seasonal Salesforce upgrades (Spring, Summer, and Winter).
We provide detailed analysis of use cases and user stories, creating thorough functional tests to verify the behavior of Salesforce applications. We also provide a comprehensive suite of Salesforce test automation services powered by our IP-led platform KiTAP to ensure that all systems are properly tested and any potential issues are addressed. Our team of experienced QA specialists provide detailed reports of test results, offering a detailed analysis of issues identified and corresponding remedial solutions that can be implemented.
Kairos provides businesses with the comprehensive Salesforce testing services they need to ensure the success of their Salesforce applications.

Kairos Salesforce Testing Services

Our Salesforce Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) team of subject matter experts (SMEs) specialize in testing Salesforce apps. Our experienced professionals offer endto-end test coverage for all your needs from identifying potential issues before deployment to regression testing after deployment. We use a combination of manual and automated testing techniques to ensure that your Salesforce application works as expected.

The Kairos Salesforce (TCoE) team has created a toolkit of pre-built test accelerators and automated test scripts. These are readily adapted to meet customer needs. Our automated test suites help ensure that every new feature is built correctly, and functions as expecte

With our years of expertise and modern test automation framework – KiTAP, we can provide exceptional results for your Salesforce projects. KiTAP provides an efficient Salesforce testing automation solution that reduces the time and cost associated with Salesforce app testing. It
streamlines Salesforce test cases and helps to ensure that apps are reliable, secure, and optimized for performance.

Functional Testing

  • Lightning UI
  • Visualforce Classic UI
  • Shadow DOM Detector

With robust testing of custom, third-party, and standard Salesforce applications and connections, you can stay ahead of the ever-changing Salesforce landscape and platform updates.

End-to-End Testing

  • API Tests
  • Data Quality
  • Customizations

API tests and data quality checks for Salesforce connections with other enterprise systems such as ERP, Finance, and SCM.

Shift-Left Testing with DevOps

  • CI/CD Integration
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression TestingIn-sprint test automation integrated with DevOps CI process.

Client-side Experienced Page Time (EPT) measurements and server-side performance insights with Shield Event Monitoring.

Our Salesforce testing includes


Kairos Test Data Management augments Salesforce testing. By leveraging AI-driven data replication and advanced user control, Kairos ensures that Salesforce users can rapidly generate relevant test data. This allows QA teams to quickly create complex Salesforce scenarios for complete Salesforce testing, resulting in improved product quality and decreased time to market.

With our services, you can expand coverage, reduce manual work, and accelerate test cycles, enabling a faster time-to-market for your Salesforce releases.

Salesforce Experience

Salesforce Experience

Automated Salesforce Testing with KiTAP

Automated Salesforce Testing with KiTAP

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Test Data Management with KiTAP - TDM

Test Data Management with KiTAP – TDM

Shift-Left Testing with DevOps

DevOps Integration

Successful Data-driven Outcomes

Successful Data-driven Outcomes

Kairos services help organizations to get the best out of their investments in Salesforce. Our services offer comprehensive test coverage, automated processes, and efficient reporting capabilities.

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