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Kairos Comprehensive Test Automation Suite and Test Solutions

Elevate your testing efficiency and ensure exceptional quality with KiTAP, our comprehensive test automation suite. We offer more than just tools; we provide a strategic solution designed to empower your team, streamline processes, and deliver a competitive edge through efficient and reliable automation through various engagement models.

Did we mention the automatic conversion of your requirements into test cases and scripts through a Generative AI-driven engine?

Automation Testing Services

Witness the metamorphosis of your application, empowered by Automation Testing that unveils its full potential

Accelerate your journey to success with each comprehensive testing step, leaving no detail unexplored. Embrace testing that’s both swift and thorough—a symphony of efficiency and quality.

Security Testing

Automatically convert your requirements into working test cases and scripts through the Generative AI engine.

Security Testing

Auto detects a change in requirement automatically recreate the dependent test cases and scripts; swift integration with your DevOps environment / CI/CD pipeline.

Security Testing

Accelerated development is a toolkit of pre-built test accelerators along with automated test cases and script creation.

Security Testing

True Low/No Code intuitive visual interface for creating test cases from scratch or modifying the existing ones. An option in addition to automatic test cases and script creation form already gathered requirements.

Security Testing

45% faster development cycle and 50% reduction in resource use.

Security Testing

Broad range of services Advisory, Automation CoE, Tools and Framework Support, and Testing as a Service.

Dependable doesn’t cut it: We elevate your experience with KiTAP

Embrace the power of automation at every stage of your testing journey with KiTAP. Our robust suite goes beyond simply providing tools; we offer a complete solution designed to empower your team, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional quality at scale.

Compatibility Testing
Accurate and automated test cases and scripts

Generative AI-driven engine to automatically convert your requirements into test cases and scripts with no human intervention.

Installation Testing
Intuitive test case creation

Craft clear, maintainable test cases with ease, using intuitive visual interfaces (Low/No Code or Scriptless) and advanced features.

Condition Testing
Cross-platform support

KiTAP automates tests across the Web, Mobile, APIs, and more with industry-leading frameworks and capabilities.

Core Quality Tests
Intelligent execution and management

Eliminate manual drudgery and optimize execution workflows through AI-driven dynamic regression suite creation and execution, maximizing your team’s efficiency.

Performance Testing
In-Depth reporting & analytics

Gain actionable insights into your application’s behavior with comprehensive reports, dashboards, and AI-driven trend analysis.

Security Testing
Seamless integration

KiTAP seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and CI/CD pipelines for scheduled runs for a frictionless testing experience and faster feedback loops.

Security Testing
Scalability & security

Trust KiTAP to handle even the most demanding projects with robust scalability and enterprise-grade security.

Security Testing
AI-powered resilience

Our test automation suite features advanced AI, empowering it to self-heal, adapt, and deliver robust test scenarios for unyielding accuracy and efficiency.

Security Testing
Test management

Seamlessly plan, organize, execute, and monitor your automated tests.

Security Testing
Test data management

Efficiently manage and organize test data, along with synthetic data creation.

Security Testing
Cloud integration

Easy integration with leading cloud platforms for extended mobile support (real devices, emulators, simulators, performance, security).

Unlock deeper insights, streamline processes, and achieve worry-free deployments with our diverse testing engagement models

Embarking on a journey to elevate your experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of engagement models tailored to meet your unique needs.

Security Testing
Transaction based
  1. Test case development (per test case)
  2. Test script development (per test script) or (per hour/day)
  3. Test case execution (manual) (number of test cases per day) per day cost
  4. Test data management
  5. DevOps pipeline setup (ADO / Jenkins / GitHub / GitLab)
Security Testing
Automation CoE
  1. Identify drivers for automation
  2. Create a current capability baseline
  3. Analyze gaps
  4. Define targets
  5. Develop an automation strategy and plan
  6. Implementation and Continuous Improvement
Security Testing
Tools & framework support
  1. Understanding objectives and tech. stack, tools, and frameworks
  2. Compatibility analysis
  3. Proof of Concept (PoC)
  4. Implementation-Maintenance
  5. Knowledge sharing and training
Security Testing
Testing as a service
  1. Customized service structure, On-premise/Cloud-based testing
  2. Custom Engagement Models, Choice of service locations
  3. Trainings
Security Testing
Advisory services
  1. Understanding the problem statement, Data Analysis (Gaps – capability, feasibility)
  2. Forming objectives
  3. Recommendations

Behind our comprehensive testing tools and frameworks is an elite team of seasoned QA experts, ready to guide you skilfully through the process. We utilize the strength of Automated Testing paired with our mastery of various platforms and processes to:

Security Testing
Assess the maturity of tools and processes

We understand the journey of an organization from foundational to expansion to optimizing levels.

Security Testing
Provide multiple engagement

As the requirements of an engagement could range from helping you understand the nuances of automation to actually set it up and optimize it.

Security Testing
Tailor tools, methodologies, and processes

We understand no two organizations are the same; hence, we customize to suit your needs.