Performance Testing


Unveil Your App’s True Potential
Performance Testing Unveils Hidden Bottlenecks and Paves the Way for Lightning-Fast Experiences

Go beyond basic functionality : Optimize your app for smooth performance under any load with dedicated testing to ensure optimal software.

Performance involves addressing key questions:

Is it fast enough – Responsiveness / Speed
How far can it reach / scale – Limits of the System / Scalability
Can it sustain the performance – Endurance.

Performance Testing Services

Unlock peak mobile engagement: Optimize your app for speed and stability, creating a captivating user experience

See your application flourish into its highest performing form through our transformative performance testing. By replicating extreme user loads and scenarios, we reveal opportunities to bolster speed, scalability and resilience until even the most demanding conditions are handled with ease.


Let us simplify the testing of your investment

We do not just test speed, we delve deeper. Our comprehensive approach analyzes a multitude of factors that impact your app’s performance, beyond the surface. Expect a clear picture of resource utilization, user interactions, and hidden bottlenecks, ensuring your app (Web, API, Mobile, Desktop) delivers a flawless and optimized experience across various performance metrics and parameters.

Compatibility Testing
Responsiveness / Speed
  1. Page response/load time
  2. Number of hits, connections, or requests per second
  3. Network bytes total per second
  4. Network output queue length
  5. Throughput for received requests
  6. Garbage collection
Compatibility Testing
  1. Top wait times for retrieving data from memory
  2. Bandwidth (bits per second)
  3. Memory/disk space/CPU usage
  4. Amount of latency, lag, or wait time
  5. Concurrent users
  6. Number of transactions per second
  7. Private bytes
Compatibility Testing
  1. Page faults (per second)
  2. Committed memory
  3. Maximum active sessions
  4. Thread counts
  5. % Transactions passed or failed
  6. Error rate – requests getting failed

Eliminate risks and ensure business continuity, unlocking your full potential.

Forget siloed testing, we conduct an orchestra of assessments across your entire application ecosystem. From the user interface’s elegance to the database’s hidden efficiency, we leave no element unturned.

Our distinctive performance testing methodology rigorously vets applications end-to-end, validating responsiveness and resilience of critical elements:

  1. User Interface
  2. Application – Web / Application Server
  3. System – Resource utilization (CPU / Memory / Storage / Threads / I/O operations)
  4. Database – CRUD, Transactions, Locks
  5. Middleware – Communication
  1. Load balancer
  2. Caching
  3. Security Requirements (Encryption / Prohibiting Local Data Storage / Zero Trust / Firewalls…)
  4. API – Integration services
  5. Network – (Routers, Switches, Firewalls) Bandwidth, Latency, Throughput

Unlock deeper insights, streamline processes, and achieve worry-free deployments with our diverse engagement models

Embarking on a journey to elevate your Salesforce experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of engagement models tailored to meet your unique needs.

Security Testing
Advisory services
  1. Understanding problem statement
  2. Data Analysis (Gaps – capability, feasibility)
  3. Forming objectives
  4. Recommendations
Security Testing
Tools & Framework support
  1. Understanding objectives, tech. stack, tools, frameworks
  2. Compatibility analysis
  3. Proof of Concept (PoC)
  4. Implementation – Maintenance
  5. Knowledge sharing and training
Security Testing
Testing as a service
  1. Customized service structure
  2. On-premise / Cloud based testing
  3. Custom Engagement Models
  4. Choice of service locations
  5. Trainings
Security Testing
Transaction based
  1. Performance Test Plan
  2. Performance Test Scenarios
  3. Performance Test Scripts
  4. Load / Stress / Capability Testing
  5. Workload Modelling

Our methodology scrutinizes the complete user journey, proactively identifying bottlenecks before they arise. Combining automation suites, custom scripts, infrastructure telemetry and comprehensive analytics, we expose optimization opportunities across interfaces, servers, databases, security constructs and beyond.

  1. Complete user journey validation
  2. Automation plus custom testing
  3. Infrastructure monitoring and analytics
  1. 360-degree validation of all components
  2. Optimizes speed, scalability, stability and resource utilization
  3. Comprehensive protocols and recommendations