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Unlock the Full Potential of your Mobile Apps With Our Expert Testing Services and Tools

From Pixels to Performance, Compatibility to Functionality and Usability, Connectivity to Disconnected, Accessibility to Localization, Industry specific to Generic…

We help you deliver a seamless, secure, and engaging mobile experience.

Mobile App Testing Services

Witness the metamorphosis of your application, empowered by testing that unveils its full potential

Accelerate your journey to success with each comprehensive testing step, leaving no detail unexplored. Embrace testing that’s both swift and thorough, a symphony of efficiency and quality.

  1. 90% reduction in number of production issues
  2. 30% faster development cycle
  3. 60% faster in-app load times
  4. 68% fewer hours spent on QA for new releases
  5. Broad ranges of services – Advisory, Tools and Framework Support, and Testing as a Service
Our expertise in cloud hosted services ensure,

Testing across all devices and form factors (the closest possible).
Real-world performance testing through simulated loads and chaos engineering.
real-world security vulnerabilities attacks testing (the closest possible) through automated simulations.

Let us simplify the testing of your investment

We’ve mapped the intricate terrain of mobile apps, guiding countless journeys to flawless performance. We understand the delicate balance between mobile app functionality and user expectations. The mobile app landscape is diverse, but our understanding remains constant. We adapt our expertise to fit your app, ensuring a flawless performance, exploring all nuances and challenges by having tailored strategy for each element of the mobile app testing.

  1. Cross Platform (Devices & O/S)
  2. Security (including Privacy)
  3. Performance
  4. Accessibility
  5. Device (Network connectivity (including swap), Battery, Application (size and storage), Touchscreen (tap, swipe, pull, shake, pinch)…and more)
  6. Installation / Upgrade / Uninstallation
  1. Consideration for form factors
  2. Data synchronization
  3. Interruptions of the application by cells, messages etc.
  4. Background run
  5. Compliance – marketplace, regulatory / statutory
  6. Localization and Globalization
  7. Voice commands etc
  8. Communication (chat, audio, video)

Maximize the impact of your investment: Eliminate risks and ensure business continuity, unlocking your full potential

Together, we navigate the unknown: Partner with us to de-risk your investment and ensure uninterrupted success. Unlock the full potential of your Mobile App with our expert testing solutions. We mitigate risk, ensuring seamless performance and a rock-solid foundation for thriving customer relationships.

Security Testing
Native Apps
  1. Designed and developed for a specific platform like, iOS or Android
  2. Highly performant as use the native features of the OS
  3. Have access to all features and functionality of the OS and device
  4. For example, gaming, entertainment, productivity apps
Security Testing
Hybrid Apps
  1. Combination of Native and Web apps
  2. Performant as well as have cross platform compatibility, though possible with some limitations
  3. For example, business / enterprise and education apps
Security Testing
Web Apps
  1. Accessed through a mobile web browser, hence, optimized for access through a mobile
  2. Cross platform compatibility and require reliable internet connection
  3. For example, social media, utility, lifestyle apps
Security Testing
Progressive Web Apps
  1. Web apps designed to work like Native apps
  2. HTML, CSS, JS – can be installed on a device and can be used offline
  3. Improved performance (relative to Web Apps) and User Experience
  4. Increasingly more appealing option
  5. For example, B2C, Gaming, Business apps
Security Testing

Unit Testing, A/B Testing, Component Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Dependable Doesn’t Cut It: We Elevate Your Experience with KiTAP

Navigating the intricacies of Mobile App Testing is made seamless with our robust and dependable test automation solutions. A trustworthy partner to address your QA challenges, providing a solution you can rely on.

Compatibility Testing
Multiple Platform Support

supports multiple o/s, browser and devices combinations.

Compatibility Testing
Performance and Security

supports extensive performance and security testing.

Compatibility Testing
Cloud integration

easy integration with leading cloud platforms for extended mobile support (real devices, emulators, simulators, performance, security…)

Compatibility Testing
Low / No Code

provides low / no code interface for test case authoring / import / export.

Compatibility Testing
In-Depth Reporting & Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your application’s behavior with comprehensive reports, dashboards, and AI-driven trend analysis.

Compatibility Testing

Ability to manage (Single Page Applications) SPA scenarios.

Compatibility Testing
DevOps Integration

Connect with all industry leading DevOps tools for continuous testing.

Compatibility Testing
Test Management

Seamlessly plan, organize, execute, and monitor your automated tests.

Compatibility Testing
Test Data Management

Efficiently manage and organize test data, along with synthetic data creation.

Compatibility Testing
Test Scripts Maintainability

Use of POM & DOM to manipulate page components.

Compatibility Testing
Managing ‘Dynamicity’

Use of multiple TAGs, removing dependence on Xpaths.

Compatibility Testing
Test steps synchronization

Use of Ajax events, Polling, Visibility Checks, Data Change Detection, Test Framework events to remove implicit or explicit delays.

Unlock deeper insights, streamline processes, and achieve worry-free deployments with our diverse engagement models

Embarking on a journey to elevate your Salesforce experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of engagement models tailored to meet your unique needs.

Installation Testing
Project/staffing-based (T&M / FF)
Installation Testing
Per unit (test case) based: manual / automation
Installation Testing
Mobile App Testing with KiTAP (T&M / FF)

Do not let the complexity of mobile app testing obstruct your path to launch. Behind our comprehensive testing tools and frameworks is an elite team of seasoned QA experts, ready to guide you skillfully through the process. We utilize the strength of automated testing paired with our mastery of mobile platforms to:

Compatibility Testing
Engineer Custom Testing Plans

Tailoring test coverage and reporting to your specific objectives.

Compatibility Testing
Alibrate Devices and Simulators

Ensuring compatibility across the mobile ecosystem.

Compatibility Testing
Pinpoint UX/UI

Identifying defects early to uplift user satisfaction.

Compatibility Testing
Assess Performance and Security

Safeguarding functionality for every scenario.