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Most initiatives for digital transformation involve moving apps to the cloud. Apps that migrate to the cloud must be tested for scalability, new integrations, and dependencies. An effective cloud testing strategy and a reliable cloud testing partner are critical for the success of any organization’s journey to the cloud. Organizations benefit from cloud testing through cost optimization, greater flexibility, faster testing, and shorter time to market.

Organizations must verify performance, functionality, and other metrics as more workloads and apps migrate to the cloud. Our cloud migration testing enables organizations to ensure the software keeps functioning properly once it is moved to the cloud. It also reveals exactly what an app does when it runs in the cloud and helps optimize cloud operational costs. Scalability is one of the main reasons that organizations choose a cloud strategy for an application.

Scalability testing is a part of our cloud testing. Kairos’s scalability tests for the cloud ensure that any sudden changes in demand can be successfully handled by scaling out to meet need for additional cloud resources (or scaling down to optimize operational costs).

At Kairos, we also comprehensively test custom-built cloud-native software, and SaaS applications. We apply DevOps automation and risk management seamlessly to the build process. It gives you feedback at every checkpoint to ensure high-quality deployments. With Kairos cloud testing services teams can perform application testing more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Kairos Cloud Testing Services

We have a global team of experienced testing professionals with expertise in testing large-scale and complex cloud-based implementations. Our services cover all the different aspects of cloud testing.

KiTAP, our homegrown platform, streamlines the testing of cloud applications.

Applications hosted on Azure, AWS, GCP, and other hybrid or private clouds can be tested using KiTAP. With KiTAP, you can containerize your application’s test suite and simplify test setup. It also integrates with other cloud-based tools, such as BrowserStack and SauceLabs.

Cloud Resources Testing

Cloud Resources Testing

  • Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-tenancy
  • IaaS and PaaS
  • Serverless
Cloud Application Testing

Cloud Application Testing

  • Migrated Apps
  • Native Apps
  • Integration
  • Functionality
  • Availability
App Testing using Cloud-Based Tools

App Testing using Cloud-Based Tools

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing

Open integration with CI/CD tools of your choice makes the benefits of agile practices real. It boosts the speed of agile development by coupling it with high-quality assurance. DevOps and continuous testing give us DevTestOps. These are fundamental to the way we do cloud testing.

Our services enable the automation of tests to ensure that the application is running as expected in the cloud environment. No more manual processes, no more tedious setups – just a simple, automated platform that works. Try KiTAP today and experience the power of automated cloud testing.