Sai Kiran Naripeddi

  • Director – Engineering

Sai Kiran Naripeddi, as the Director of Engineering at Kairos Technologies, embodies dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence. Leading the engineering department, he champions innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of growth. His leadership style is not just about harnessing technical expertise but about inspiring his team to create solutions that resonate with real customer value.

Driven by a vision for the industry’s future, Sai Kiran ensures that Kairos Technologies remains at the forefront of change. His dedication is evident in the culture he fosters—one where transparency, accountability, and high-quality standards are non-negotiable. Sai Kiran’s passion extends beyond traditional leadership, with deeply involved in refining methodologies and streamlining processes. Agile and Scrum are not just methodologies to him but tools that can be optimized for greater efficiency.

At the heart of his leadership is a commitment to the growth and success of Kairos Technologies. Every decision, every strategy, and every initiative he undertakes is geared towards elevating the engineering department and, by extension, the entire organization.

Sai Kiran Naripeddi