Banking Firm Cut Mobile App Testing Costs by 20x


This American digital bank had a long-standing commitment to providing its customers with top-notch banking services and products, which included investing in its online channels and mobile banking platform. Despite the bank’s efforts to create a seamless and intuitive user experience, they faced a few major roadblocks. Inadequate regression testing of their Mobile Apps was hurting the customer experience. Additionally, sequential testing processes put the quality of the firm’s digital experience in jeopardy. Furthermore, the seamless operation of its mobile banking platforms was also at risk. To overcome these challenges, the bank decided to partner with Kairos, a leading technology provider, for mobile app development services. By working with Kairos, the bank aimed to ensure a high-quality mobile app that would allow customers to manage their finances anytime and anywhere. With the goal of delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience, the bank wanted to ensure that its customers could enjoy top-notch banking services and products without any interruptions. The bank was able to overcome these roadblocks and establish itself as a leader in the digital banking space.

Value Delivered

The banking firm required a robust and secure testing environment, and to meet this goal, they needed to adhere to stringent security standards and regulations. To fulfil this requirement, they selected Kairos due to its demonstrated expertise in incorporating Sauce Labs and BrowserStack into testing processes.

The choice was made based on Kairos reputation for delivering cost-effective, flexible, and secure solutions that prioritize ease of use for users. With its commitment to meeting the banking firm’s security needs and its track record of delivering user-friendly solutions, Kairos was deemed the ideal partner for ensuring a secure testing environment

Testing Platform:

  • Kairos testing platform was found to be easier and more beneficial than purchasing new devices and maintaining them.
  • The cloud-based testing platform was used for manual and automation testing of the firm’s mobile application.

Testing Capabilities:

  • Regression and functional testing were easily performed on the platform.
  • The platform enabled the firm to scale up its automation to a great extent.
  • Parallel testing on unlimited devices allowed them to make releases much faster.
    1. The banking firm was able to reduce the cost of purchasing new hardware by up to 30%.
    2. Kairos testing platform – KiTAP has resulted in a 20% decrease in testing costs.
    3. A 30% decrease in the time needed to complete regression and functional testing.
    4. 20% increase in overall cost savings.
    5. Applications are WCAG and US 508 compliant and accessible by all, including users with disability.