Achieving Excellence through Total Quality Assurance


The client is a top provider of communications services, connecting millions of consumers and businesses with reliable, high-speed fiber-optic networks and cloud-based solutions.

As they embarked on their Digital Transformation journey, inconsistent testing processes leading to unpredictable quality was a major concern.

They felt the need to augment their teams with a partner who can bring in technical capabilities in the Quality Engineering space to ensure that the transformational initiatives deliver envisioned value.

After careful consideration, the client chose Kairos for their Total Quality Assurance services. With advanced testing methods and expertise, Kairos was able to provide the client with the agility, automation, and accuracy needed to help them reach their transformation goals.

Kairos worked with the client team to understand their testing processes and helped them to enhance and modernize their QE practices. People enablement, process tuning, and the use of right tools and technologies helped. It streamlined operations and cut
costs through repeatable and consistent testing. The client was able to overcome their challenges and give their business reliable, high-quality digital services that ensured competitive positioning in the evolving digital space.

Value Delivered

Our team at Kairos was able to develop and implement strategies for the client to efficiently manage test data, create automated scripts for generating test data, and monitor and analyze the data to ensure accuracy and reliability. To ensure all functionalities are working as expected, we created automated test cases for API, Web, and Mobile applications, while manual testing was conducted to guarantee a consistent user experience.

We optimized the client’s system for the different platforms of Web UI, Mobile (Android and iOS), API, and Figma Pages. This helped us to reduce costs by 20% with increase Test coverage due to Test Automation and further reduce execution time by 20%. We also generated more than 100 proactive performance risk alerts per month and the client experienced a 35% reduction in efforts and a substantial decrease in defect rate due to continuous regression. As a result, we substantially reduced the risk of defect leakage to production.

But our work didn’t stop there. We also provided the client with valuable insights and recommendations on how to improve their test data management and testing processes. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we were able to help the client adopt best practices and continuously improve their overall testing performance.

In addition to the technical benefits, our work with the client also delivered a high level of customer satisfaction. The client was
pleased with the improved quality of their software and the reduced risk of defects reaching production. They appreciated our proactive approach and the value we delivered, and the result was a strengthened partnership between our team at Kairos and the client.

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