A Healthcare Org’s Journey to QE Center of Excellence


The journey of a leading, century-old Healthcare Organization in the USA to establish its Quality Engineering Center of Excellence (QE COE) and Digital Transformation initiatives came with the promise of delivering great business value as well as its own set of challenges. With over 120,000 caregivers, the organization serves 52 hospitals and 1085 clinics across the country, providing a comprehensive range of health and social services to provide high-quality, compassionate healthcare for everyone, using innovative ways and the best affordable healthcare model available for all.

To meet their goal, the organization needed to identify the right QE partner to develop, support and maintain a Quality Engineering Center of Excellence (QECOE) for their Digital Transformation initiatives. The organization was facing several challenges, like – absence of a standardized validation process and procedure, inadequacy of appropriate tools, and lack of automation across the QA process.

There was also a need for comprehensive frameworks for different s (Automation, Performance, etc.) to ensure the successful adoption of QE processes across the enterprise. These objectives had to be met while avoiding the proliferation of numerous similar tools and the high costs associated with procurement and implementation of a diverse set of testing tools.

After evaluating several QE companies, the Healthcare Organization decided to partner with Kairos, for their QE transformation. With Kairos, the organization was able to establish a QECoE within 180 days and accelerated their Digital Transformation.

Value Delivered

  • The Healthcare Organization achieved a 50% increase in process efficiency through reduction in manual repetitive tasks across the organization. This was achieved using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Framework, Azure DevOps (ADO), and a Performance Engineering Framework.
  • Intelligent End-to-End Test Automation was implemented to automate testing of web and mobile applications, as well as integration with DevOps for continuous integration and delivery, resulting in a 65% effort saving.
  • Automation of service accounts lifecycle, including creation, deletion, disabling, updating, and monitoring, was achieved using Power Automate & Azure DevOps (ADO), resulting in 85% effort savings on repetitive administration tasks.
  • Automated Email Reports were generated and scheduled to share the run history from the last 24 hours, which included the results of the automated tests, dynamically.
  • Code review automation was accomplished using a customized and innovative framework built upon Powershell & Python scripts to review, deploy and validate SQL code in the ADO pipeline. Review results are published on a PowerBI Dashboard.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was used to enforce automated security policy checks and provide direct feedback on any violations.
  • Cloud-based load generation was implemented to simulate user behavior and monitor application performance, resulting in a 20% cost optimization on cloud infrastructure.
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