Our mission is to accelerate your journey to the digital marketplace.

From ancient Greek literature, Kairos signifies the right moment for making a decision.


Kairos Technologies is a customer-first technology services company focused on Digital Transformation and Testing/QA. We are founded to help you build world-class solutions and digital ecosystems. From our inception in 2003, we have provided managed services in embracing the digital transformation for various companies operating in different verticals. We strive to provide the technology services that make your business goals an economic reality.

We formalized a few principles at our foundation. Our people, business, and delivery methodologies are structured around them.

Customers = Family.
Customer experience = Success.
Communication = Oxygen.
Continuous learning = Culture.
Colloboration = Productivity.
Corporate Social Responsibility = Ethos.

Our employees get free hands to experiment, personalized career advice, training, direct contact with the clients, industry-leading packages, periodic cultural events, and most importantly, good food!

A unique value proposition you get at Kairos is our investment in specific experts that are not billed to you. This backbone includes process auditors, project managers, technology architects, and subject matter experts, besides billed team leads and engineers. You always get more value than expected in delivering top-notch IT solutions.

Our delivery model is agile and global in nature, with increased speed and quality as its core values. We are headquartered in Irving, Texas and have a Tier-1 delivery center in Hyderabad and a premier Tier-2 facility in Visakhapatnam, India.

Advantage Tier-2

Kairos Visakhapatnam facility brings you several value additions in our service delivery.

  • Reduced costs of infrastructure and people.
  • New talent acquisition and increased employee retention.
  • Promoting mutually beneficial opportunities like crowd-testing with local colleges and communities, on-demand.
  • Diversified resources and environments for a vibrant Digital Ecosystem!

Digital-ready R&D Capabilities

To make your digital transformation journey get faster and market-leading, we bring you a group of active software engineers and architects with jumpstart productive skills.

Regardless of the size, we understand that your enterprise today needs to leverage the power of AI, DevOps, SMAC stack and Digital trends to create new and valuable customer experiences.

Our engineers understand the data flowing in your company, from the whiteboards to documents, and databases to social-media. We create an architecture for the structured and unstructured data in your enterprise IT, marketing, sales, and operations and deliver solutions tapping the power of DT, AI, ML, Deep learning, and NLP. Our engineers are hands-on with the good-old and the newly evolving tools, algorithms, technologies, and programming languages.

Our teams can understand your business and technology needs to provide end-to-end B2B/B2C application development covering the Web, Mobile, Wearables, IoT, and Kiosk digital touchpoints. We are experienced in digitizing your legacy applications, on-par with today’s digital enterprises.

Be it the enterprise backend systems, or the savvy consumer-facing digital applications, we architect and implement innovative solutions using customized DevOps. We bring the power of the newly evolving testing methods and tools in both our development and QA projects.

Enterprise RPA? Our AI Bots are ready for you

Our R&D team has built an innovative bot that can be purposed to automate repeated human activities in your enterprise. Your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) adoption can start by having our experts survey your enterprise activities and identify the potential opportunities mutually. Our bot, currently offered as an off-the-shelf AI product for HR recruitment practice, is designed with reusability as a technology goal.

When you take RPA initiatives involving us, you get a ready & proven reference architecture and highly reusable assets (design, code, algorithms, tests) that can process text, audio, video, and natural/spoken language content. Our bot’s deep-learning capabilities provide you a progressive path towards business agility over time.

Lisa, our recruitment bot has been operating by itself to eliminate human-bias, automate the screening/filtering process, and smartly prevent fraud. It is used by several enterprises and the next-generation Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies. Explore more at http://skil.ai.

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