Unified Communications

Integrate your enterprise communication with leading technologies.
We index and assess the communication infrastructure of your enterprise, covering the network layer, carriers, and the devices/software used.
We leverage your existing communication equipment and software applications with the current digital trends. You can be assured of addressing the current communication needs and enable a futuristic strategy. Our approach enables collaboration within your enterprise, with the partners, and the omnichannel customers.

Our engineers are certified in using the communication technologies and bring you the experience needed to create new networks swiftly. We design your network infrastructure that is secure, economic and support the rapid change your enterprise needs.

Kairos Technology networking services include:

  • Core Switching & Routing
  • SDN through ACI
  • Configuring/monitoring QoS goals
  • WAN Optimization
  • Capacity planning (Traffic shaping)
  • Heterogeneous Mobility Solutions
  • Scheduled assessments
  • Robust VoIP Solutions
Reliability and guaranteed-uptime that Kairos assures help align with your growth plans with an optimized cost of ownership.

We understand that your enterprise must ensure the availability of services to growing customer profiles. We design our solutions keeping the geographical spread, a complex matrix of new gadgets and technologies, and the ever-changing communication patterns. We strive to achieve the seamless high-speed connectivity your channels need.

We analyze data from recent failures, assess short-term and future risks, and maximize the value of existing network infrastructure and the new investments planned. At Kairos, we understand that a quantified approach is mandatory to optimize productivity. We monitor your current networks before doing the capacity planning for the expected traffic ahead.

With our unified communications, you can consolidate old and new additions in your infrastructure. Operational excellence is the singular business goal you can achieve with our services.
Discover the possibilities specific to your enterprise.

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