Test Value Assurance Framework

Retire test activities that do not produce valuable information.

Our testing experience has taught us one lesson, poised to be reused in your enterprise:

The quality of decision making in the IT lifecycle delivers sustainable results when test activities produce valuable information.

In addition to the core value from testing such as getting an insight into product health, detailed bug reports, quality metrics, ROI on automation, Test Activities can indeed be reengineered to deliver key information that helps all the stakeholders.

Going beyond the aspects covered by a Test Process Audit, our test experts have put together a Test Value Assurance Framework that guides our customers to study and redesign their organizational Test Activities. We recommend the best practices to produce information that helps decision-making (intelligence). Several unnecessary testing tasks are usually eliminated while bringing accountability in innovative ways.

Test History (test plans, scripts, data, reports and so on) is a growing asset in many of our enterprise customers and we apply several techniques such as Data Science in extracting untapped value from a revenue, optimization and {digital} market leadership perspective.

In order to deliver more value from testing/QA investments, we inspect the current outcome of each key testing dimension in the Test Infrastructure/Architecture in your enterprise. This includes brainstorming on cross-functional values between testing, operations, customers and leadership. The assured benefit is to derive valuable information from testing activities, served in a personalized way to each stakeholder.

Executive Management
  • “Test Evidence” supported revenue models
  • Competition analysis for digital opportunities
  • Budgeting quality costs
  • Customer experience previews
  • Insights into media presence
  • Measurements on planned/actual “stickiness” functionality
  • Stub/mock requirements for untestable areas
  • “Fixing hints” as a part of bug/incident reports (productive Bug Triage meetings)
  • SM messaging tailored to their actions
  • Automated messages when they face issues/errors (like reasoning, alternatives, A/B switching)
  • Ratings/feedback factored into Test Cases
  • Satisfaction from their minds being read
  • Easy troubleshooting with Testing-in-Production reports
  • Live feedback analysis from social handles
  • Early knowledge on infrastructure issues
  • Synchronization between Documentation(help), testing information and customer feedback
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