Society as a stakeholder? Yes, at Kairos.

At Kairos, we foster the corporate mindset to watch out for external difficulties in the society we live in, making it a stakeholder in our company. “Responsible living” is encouraged at all levels of our corporate hierarchy. We are proud of our corporate family that effortlessly shares the core values and performs CSR activities, without a need for any stringent guidelines.

As we get to pick a social difficulty that bothers us, we mobilize volunteers right from our senior management to the employees and their active family members/friends. In addition to the money we expend, our volunteers enjoy addressing social difficulties, very similar to how they solve problems in our mainstream IT projects. 

Kairos is a proud supporter of the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB), among several examples that reflect our CSR ethos. 

Quick facts:

  1. We packed 100K nutritional meals with smiles for the hungry children, families, and seniors in our community.
  2. Pledged 3 years ago, we provide ongoing support to NTFB financially, powered by the workforce of 500+ volunteers.
  3. We are the first IT company in North Texas to set up a recurring monthly event with NTFB as a disciplined CSR activity.
  4. Be it a happy Sunday or a day of crisis (like the current Corona pandemic), we look forward to the “giving back” events with joy!

As we wake up each morning and validate our CSR decisions, we only steer ourselves with satisfaction and continued responsibility in making the society as a stakeholder in Kairos.



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