Expert Talent Acquisition Leader having 11 years of expertise in talent acquisition, team management, and Client delivery/ engagement.

Electrical Engineer by education and a professional networker by profession. A digital marketing expert, Sam has completed his PGCBM from XIMB (Top 10 Colleges).

Engaged exclusively with IT, Non-IT, Healthcare, Product, and Services industries.

1> Have been working on lead generation from the last 6 months, as customers stopped giving requirements to support
into, now is working with Ranstad, Disys and AT & T.
2> Pre-pandemic to till now handled 10 plus customers, directly and indirectly, to map the business delivery pressure.
3> Created a business of around 1,25,487.62 USD with a recent engagement with Tekwissen.Built the Hyderabad team starting from 3 to 50 and interviewed more than 600 plus recruiters across AP/Telangana, Karnataka.
4>Worked closely with Target Corporation (TGS) Target Guest Services, onshore/offshore, onboarded 200 plus consultants in 9 months duration @ Target Bangalore.
5> As alumni of XIMB, connected close to 100 plus decision-makers in IT and Non-IT. (23k linkedin connections and 22k followers)
6> My job Postings and Linkedin analytics reach thousands and help job aspirants to post their resumes directly.
7> Currently created a pool of 10 SFDC architects and trying to place them in Big 5 MNCS.
8>My exposure to IT/Non IT industry is 60 and 40.
9>Besides the BD and recruitment, I am an expert interviewer and have excellent negotiation skills.
10> In My current role, I have worked with 15-odd customers and tried from all perspectives, to close the opened positions.

Worked globally (US, Australia, Singapore) in volume (RPO), lateral & out-station hiring (HTD).