 Hands on experience in AWS cloud such as creating EC2, ELB, EBS, EFS, IAM, Auto Scaling and Security Groups.
 Performed continuous Build and Deployments to multiple environments like Dev, QA
 Used AWS console for deploying and operating AWS services specifically VPC, EC2, S3, IAM, and ELB
 Increasing EBS backed volume storage capacity when the root volume is full using AWS EBS Volume feature.
Build and configure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Private and Public Subnets, Security Groups, Route Table, and
blocking suspicious IP’s using ACL.
 Good understanding of ELB,security groups, NACL, NAT, firewall and Route 53.
 Managing the EC2 backups (AMI, Snapshots) using the AWS Backup Service
 Configuring and deploying the AWS Transit Gateway forthe connectivity between multi–AWS Accounts
 Configuring and deploying the AWS Peering Connection for the connectivity between Two VPCS, Different
Regions, AWS Accounts.
 Created S3 backups using versioning enable and moved objects to Amazon Glacier for archiving purpose.
 Created S3 buckets in the AWS environment to store files, which are required to serve static content delivery.
Also Providing S3 bucket access to Cross accounts, copying files from one bucket to another in bulk as per the
 Creation of roles, users, groups using IAM service in AWS and implemented MFA to provide additional security
to AWS account and its resources.
 Created load balancers (ELB) and used Route53 with failover and latency options for high availability and fault
 Experience with monitoring tools such as Cloud Watch.
 Working within SLA to take ownership, escalate to resolve.
 Creating Open VPN through create Jumbox and through we can jump different regions for security
 Implemented S3 life cycle policies as part of cost-optimization
 Moving data from Ec2 to S3 through storage Gateway using NFS Protocol
 Creating Event Notification in S3 because of whatever the things happen in the bucket client receives a
notification for security purpose in storage.
Created Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) with EC2 Auto-scaling groups in multiple availability zones to achieve fault tolerance and high availability
 Monitored System Activities like CPU, Memory and Disk space usage to avoid any performance issues.
 Working on URL tickets.
 Installed applications on AWS EC2 instances and configuring storage on EBS Volume