Process Excellence

Adapt. Collaborate. Improve.
Kaizen-inspired Processes

Kairos uses several principles, methodologies, and ground-level techniques for accelerated and result-driven project lifecycles. While we always try to identify and eliminate any activities that do not add value (lean methods), we believe that welcoming changes is how our clients, our workforce and the end customers get real value.

The scope and requirements of many projects we do change with time,and sometimes make a paradigm shift. Our “cooperative contracts” facilitate changes without any overheads of renegotiation as our delivery processes draw inspiration from Kaizen (good change). Continuous improvement is a working code in our projects, and we support your business dynamics without any resistance.

Over the years, Kairos has mastered using parts of Kaizen in even projects that aim a top-down transformation (like Digitization projects, for example).

Integrated DevOps

We are working with enterprise customers who are in the process of linking their development and operations activities to achieve higher productivity. 

Some of our projects maybe just a part of the big picture, however, given our disciplined and swift approach to using the existing tools, we find ways to integrate our work into their broader DevOps framework.

Work never flows in a single direction in our projects. Working very closely with various departments of our customers, we ensure that constant upstream feedback loops run, driving the new requirements.  Our team adds the core need for DevOps into their mindset and uses the collaboration tools to integrate our core deliverables with your business workflow.

For a closer look at our capabilities in DevOps, look at our Digital Transformation  and Digital Quality Assurance  services.

Continuous Professional Development

To stay ahead in the continually evolving Knowledge Industry, we take measures in addition to ensuring the professional qualifications of our workforce at entry-level.

We upskill our engineers with training programs that are both formally recognized and the ones that are informal knowledge sessions from industry experts.

Kairos believes that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) applies to the technical workforce as well as supporting functions like HR. Our management budgets CPD as an evergreen opportunity for multi-faceted growth. For example, we recently upskilled our HR team to adapt to the remote work models and tasked them to revise our policies, facing the customers as well the internal operations.

CPD never stops at Kairos, and each of our professionals is in one of the stages in the cycle (planning/learning/reflecting/applying/sharing the new skills).

By incentivizing the team members to share knowledge, we have built cross-functional teams for our happy customers.

360° approach to Business Continuity

Ensuring business continuity is an “accountable” function of all our employees, including sales, team leads, delivery managers, and senior management at Kairos.

We are always perfecting our emergency procedures (yesterday/today/tomorrow) as the general template-approach, no matter how well documented it is, cannot address new unforeseen situations.  

The possible risks and the unknowns are given an adequate treatment of how we slice and solve problems when they occur. Our experience tells us that recovery strategies are not instant 50% of the time, so we focus on continuing “minimum viable” operations before the full operations/services get back on track.

Going a step beyond the numbers and terms, our MoUs exchange the Business Continuity Plans, essentially making us aware of (and align with) customers BCP and vice-versa.

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