NLP Solution Engineering

Leverage NLP. Strengthen relationships.

Kairos is a premier solution provider in the NLP space for companies that embrace the 4th industrial revolution.

In addition to employing the industry-standard processes to recognize, classify and extract the entities from the voice/text arriving in your enterprise, we have homegrown techniques to apply various heuristics in training and evaluating the business-readiness of the applied NLP technology. 

We help you realize the potential in the human-generated spoken or written data, which has now become more valuable than the structured transaction data. 

In addition to the core expertise in NLP toolkits like NLTK, spaCy, SyntaxNet, DialogFlow, and OpenNLP, our team has the skills to integrate the solutions with your existing systems seamlessly.

Credit Scoring

Our teams can help build customized solutions for the new-age finance companies that operate with a customer-base without adequate credit reports, or any credible information available from the bureaus.

We can build NLP solutions that can form and assess the digital footprint of customers and help arrive at a Credit Score along with the associated risk factors. 

Combining the recently matured NLP techniques, the associated tools/libraries, and the consent-based information extracted about a customer (such as the geo, usage patterns in social media and such relevant factors), we help you form a credible layer on top of which you can innovate new applications to realize your business models.


Our team understands the speed and volume of the unstructured-data that insurance companies get, both in the form of paper and digital documents. 

We help you choose the right NLP techniques and help the agent/broking channels with various workflows such as generating quotes, collecting payments, providing customer support, and sell other relevant products. On the backend (insurer) workflows, we have the expertise to automate policy purchases that involve understanding the customer and the associated risks. 

Based on the industry and the demographics of your customer base, we can reduce manual intervention in claim-processing using NLP solutions engineered with models specific to your context.


To advance your initiatives in achieving quality patient care, we have built competencies to engineer NLP solutions, making the unstructured data in the healthcare chain smarter by the day.

As an immediate value you can tap, our team has experience in using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract raw text and apply NLP/NLU to make meaningful extracts from images/scans/reports.

We have the expertise to mine lengthy medical journals in the lines of core concepts and present a summary. Likewise, we can apply similar techniques to give vital information from clinical notes you send us.

In addition to these solutions, our AI consulting team can identify opportunities such as mapping unstructured data to the structured fields in the health records (like EHRs) used in your systems, and making the voice notes from your doctors auto-transcribed.

Emotional NLP (Sentiment Analysis)

We help companies digitally enable/drive new sales, marketing/advertising campaigns, and engage customers based on their opinions and feelings.

Our team has formulated a hybrid approach that uses the virtues of both NLP and Machine Learning to create dynamic models that mature in an agile fashion, serving new-age customers. 

Your company can add a powerful layer on top of your application stack that can sense, understand, and think like your customers, personalized to each one of them.  

Emotional NLP is one of our unique areas of expertise that you could use to build new solutions. Along with the business analysts in your company, our team prepares a list of questions that can capture the sentiments that further help analyze the relevancy of products, services, or the support/attendance needed by your customers. These solutions can span Social Media and other digital interaction channels, as well as penetrating into the customer data available in conventional platforms.

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