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Increase productivity with our customized SaaS solutions.
You are most likely to be facing complex problems in establishing connections and enable communication within your applications, the packaged solutions you use, and with your partners. We are integration experts. Get advantage of the MuleSoft ® ESB platform with our services.

We eliminate the point-to-point connections and enable controlled data-flow in your enterprise with a standardized and centralized bus from MuleSoft ®. Data can travel between any source and destination you imagine from time to time.

As your databases, applications, and devices get proliferated, the need for a solid ESB becomes essential. We advice early integration before the spaghetti connections create a maze.

Kairos is a partner of MuleSoft®. They provide a leading industry-class Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to connect nearly everything in your enterprise, which you can easily do with our integration services.

We define your integration workflows using the iPaas best practices. You can leverage the pre-built connectors with due importance to your business rules when you engage our services.

Either on the cloud or on-premise, we configure and implement the MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform® that can bring real business transformation in ways not imagined before. As a company philosophy, Kairos equates communication with oxygen, and that only cascades into the services we offer you.

SaaS-based integration services
Kairos Technologies provides flexible solutions that will help you simplify your overall connectivity-architecture by removing point-to-point integrations. Your business gets agility while reducing the costs through a centralized ESB.
  • Analyze and visualize current integration mappings.
  • Select and adapt an iPaaS reference design for your enterprise operations.
  • Plot an incremental roadmap using MuleSoft® platform and implement it.
  • Provide migration patterns to move from other EAI vendors.
Next steps
Imagine your enterprise as a fully connected ecosystem. Let us help you in producing the right synergies from the collection of all your applications and devices (customer-facing, internal, partners, and 3rd parties). Let us mutually identify how a centralized integration strategy can be achieved in the following ways:
  • Publishing an integration API with endless possibilities.
  • Integrating mobility with complex information in the enterprise stack.
  • Visualizing the information flow in the ESB to define new revenue channels.
  • and more
Discover the possibilities specific to your enterprise.

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