Integrated Vision Solutions

Get actionable insights from images and videos.

Innovating, designing, and implementing solutions that extract visual information from the enterprise-wide images and videos gets simplified with our expert services. 

We process the visual data from discrete mediums in real-time, integrate them seamlessly with your applications, and quickly let you take actions that enhance your business dynamics.

We have operational knowledge in HR/Recruitment, Retail, Transport, Automotives, Security, Smart Homes, Healthcare, Banking, Finance, and Insurance industries. Creating and training the data sets in relevance to the images and videos from these industries, and further integrating them with your ERP (or other layers in your Enterprise Architecture) is the value our team is ready to provide.

AI Solutions for Video Analytics

Our team can design solutions that provide actionable data from human faces. We provide rich integration with your backend systems. While there are several libraries related to faces available on-premises and the cloud, we have pioneered their usage in providing two distinct values.

  • Creating/modeling the training data specific to your company.
  • Addressing the unique and continually evolving integration needs of your company.

Here is a quick workflow our solutions generally traverse:

  • We detect the location of any face in any input image or a video frame. The detected faces are then cut and sent upstream in a very swift manner.
  • From the training data and convolutional neural networks (CNNs), we identify the person(s).
  • Based on your business needs, we analyze further information from the face data, such as the emotion (happy? angry? stressed?)
  • We expose this entire data as a web service, or involve a backend service to pass it on, or take action directly (such as sending any notifications).

Several companies have realized varied benefits from our solutions, and you can get started with us no time. We can show a prototype in a few days before the full implementation. Besides our expertise in Visual AI, our team can integrate the solution with any of your applications or business operations.

AI Solutions for Face Information Processing

We have solved various business problems by analyzing video streams, both real-time and offline, by combining Computer Vision, proven ML/DL algorithms, CNNs, OCR, and NLP. 

We design our solutions to have multiple inbound and outbound connectors that deal with various formats of videos and backend services. The videos can arrive from your CCTVs, WebCams, Mobiles, or IoT devices, for example. Similarly, we can invoke backend layers to store information or perform instantaneous tasks like sending alerts/notifications.

Our team uses Design Thinking to experiment with several ideas with minimal costs before arriving at a final solution that gets implemented for your operational excellence.

Starting from detection to classification, we produce actionable data that requires zero manual intervention in most cases.

 Here are some of the areas our solutions can help your visual operations. 

    • Tracking objects and persons
    • Analyzing movements and gestures
    • Visual integration with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processes
    • Augmented Security Surveillance 


  • And any specific problem you want to solve!
Let us tailor-make a cloud-based or on-premises solution that can process your images and videos for creating new business value.

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