Digital Transformation

Strategize. Digitize. Happy customers.
Industry 4.0 is here.
Generation Z drives now.
Are you digital ready?

Q. Have you built any new forms of customer access to your products and services after 2015?

Q. Did you achieve the speed you need to accelerate the change in production? Do you do DevOps?

Q. Does your company have a nimble Information Architecture, independent of the silo application data?

Q. Is data from production helping you understand your customers? And does it drive the new initiatives?

Q. Is your internal and extended workforce digitally enabled for collaboration and co-development of the products and services?

Q. Are your customer service, corporate management, social presence and mobility loosely connected, if not tightly integrated?

Q. Is there a model for convergence and shared intelligence in your omnichannel apps, big data and the legacy systems?

If you have answered "yes" to the above questions, congratulations! You are digital ready and you know it!
Kairos Digital Transformation Services

For customers like you who have felt the digital urgency, Kairos offers a three phase solution for Enterprise Digital Transformation. We are flexible to provide any individual service that you need help on.

Should you need help in solidifying your partial answers, Kairos is ready to partner and kickstart your digital journey. The digital landscape awaits us and your customers.
Today’s enterprises are looking to disrupt the market and stay on par digitally. Our services are engineered to support this change.
Digital Transformation Assessment Services

We form a group with our expert practitioners in the digital space, your enterprise leadership, IT and operations professionals to perform an assessment for Digital Transformation. This goes beyond a process audit and includes the new age trends like Organizational Change Management (OCM). This service produces a solid roadmap for driving your digital vision and builds mutual trust between us.

Digital Enterprise Architecture Services

Before the major leap is taken towards Digital Transformation, we provide an expert service to architecturally baseline the existing systems and technologies before visualizing the digital future of your enterprise. We come in with a base/reference architecture, market solutions and best practices to craft a new and futuristic Digital Enterprise Architecture.

Digital DevOps Services

As a part of our initial assessment and architectural services, we set up a platform for DevOps specific to your enterprise. The patterns for achieving speed, workforce collaboration, infrastructure excellence and customer-experience start with adopting Enterprise DevOps.

We provide an incremental approach in engineering your team, processes, products and services to employ the digital advancements. Our implementation services are also designed to leverage DevOps in bringing enterprise agility.

  • You can start seeing faster & continuous delivery to the existing and new end-points (Omnichannel).
  • We ensure that governance is made lightweight and implicit, thereby enabling happy and productive teams.
  • Customers start experiencing that their voice is being heard. The internal teams get early feedback (anticipating and resolving problems gets as good as it can get).
Mobile/SMAC Application Development Services

We help companies design and build/extend their solutions for the mobile customers. Right from being a part of innovating new business models to the digital enablement of the operational processes, we achieve futuristic customer experience standards. Our development team is well versed with native technologies of the Android and iOS devices and implement solutions (maximising reusability across platforms).

Our team is well versed with incorporating and captivating UI/UX design, in line with the intelligence we establish on the customer behavior. In addition to the rapid mobility to our products and services, you can as well ensure customer stickiness from a retainment standpoint.
As your enterprise goes mobile, we ensure that the apps have a clear hold on optimal device performance and security in addition to achieving the rich customer experience.

To achieve the unified digital enablement, we provide several social media services ranging from digital marketing to API Integration Services (Facebook, Linkedin Sales Navigator etc). We help enterprises assure their social presence using Campaign and Content Management Consulting.

Monitoring and measuring is the key to achieving digital excellence. Starting from Storage and Visualization Services, we help drive your future roadmaps by incorporating Big Data Analytics tools like DoMo, or your in-house solutions. Tools aside, we ensure that there is a view into all the key data in your Digital Ecosystem.

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