Data Quality Engineering with DQGateway

Engineer your data for high-quality and make it a profitable asset.

We understand that the most valuable asset of your business, data, is always moving between various internal and external systems in your data pipelines. We help you ensure it is of high quality, continuously.

As a flagship offering to our customers, we have engineered  a way to ensure that your data is of high-quality and moves seamlessly in your ecosystem. To automate the Quality Controls that are critical to the success of your (big) data enterprise, Kairos has built a comprehensive and customizable solution– DQGateway. You can identify, investigate, resolve any data quality issues in your data movement activities (such as db migration) comprehensively, both offline and through realtime-monitoring of DataOps.

Managed and ongoing Data Quality goals you can achieve
  1. Be sure that you have credible data for reliable decision-making from upstream systems such as Analytics, BI, Visualization tools, ML-training, and any new Marketplace apps.
  2. Achieve parallel and continued business operations from applications that rely on data ingestion from various incoming data sources (passed through the DQGateway).
  3. Be able to answer the repeating questions:
    1. Is the data fit and usable (Accuracy, Integrity, Validity) after reaching the destination?
    2. Is the data quality breaking at the provider-level or in the pipeline (lineage issues)?
    3. Are we getting consistent and timely data (stability)?
Data Quality Engineering Methodology with DQGateway

The Kairos DQGateway comes as a combination of our proprietary solution and professional services. Our team hand-holds the solution, customizes it, standardizes it, and then rolls it out as a service (DQEaaS – Data Quality Engineering as a Service) into your operational pipeline.


Insightful and actionable reports with Data Quality issues and possible actions

Audit Trial (Activity and Error Logs) from the Data Pipeline

Reusable configuration files for other data environments
Real-time & multi-channel notifications with detailed reports
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for self-service activities (when used in DQEaaS mode)
Live dashboard with historical trends and predictive-analysis
Make a move towards Data Quality

Talk to our experts to enjoy the benefits of DQGateway and our professional services!

  • Accurate gathering of data quality requirements as expected by consumers
  • Connectivity to various types of legacy and modern data stores (both sources and targets).
  • Profiling, monitoring, validating, reporting, and automated cleansing (completion, removal of duplicates etc.) to make high-volume data pass through the DQGateway
  • Flagging data that does not comply with any defined access-control rules to ensure data security
  • Use it as an On-prem UI version or invoke the API Services or leverage the on-demand SaaS model – DQEaaS (Data Quality Engineering as a Service)
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