Cybersecurity Consulting

Build trust with our Cybersecurity expertise.
Seasoned security experts render our cybersecurity consulting services. Your organization will get a clear technical strategy in securing the data across IT layers and internal departments.

We ensure that security is built into all your communications with partners and customers, enabling a secure digital life in today's zero-trust world.

Kairos approach to cybersecurity
  • Identify the assets and risks in your environment
  • Create awareness for your technical & non-technical staff
  • Define protection mechanisms for the entire data items
  • Establish a framework to detect, respond and recover security lapses
  • Periodically audit and conduct tests for active cybersecurity
Cybersecurity coverage for your enterprise

Our cybersecurity consulting covers several essential measures backed by a homegrown repository of checklists.

  • Regulatory compliance selection and implementation checklists.
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) for all enterprise assets.
  • Network security at the perimeter and within the operation centers.
  • Secure workflows at all endpoints, including mobile devices.
  • Static and Dynamic application security testing for all your internal and external applications/interfaces.
  • Database security reviews spanning identity and access management, integrity.
  • Mitigation and contingency activities for risks such as data loss.
  • Periodic advisories and audits as an effective security policy/governance.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Forensic Analysis procedures tailored to your enterprise.
Now is the time

Recognizing the potential cyber threats facing your company is best done with support from an expert group familiar with the ongoing war between evolving security measures and the bad guys out there.

Protect your enterprise from supply-chain attacks, phishing, ransomware, botnets used for DDoS, and several other internal and external vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity is essential for business sustenance, and Kairos consulting services will deliver world-class security measures.

Discover the possibilities specific to your enterprise.

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