Custom AI Tool Development

Customize AI. Extend Business.
Deep Learning Tools for Telemetry Data

Kairos understands and values Telemetry Data and has competencies to apply Artificial Intelligence on it to produce innovative gains.

We capture raw operational telemetry data from your manufacturing machines, applications, or heterogeneous networks to populate models and analyze them based on selected ML/DL algorithms.

For networks and applications in your data centers (or the cloud), we capture the granular Telemetry Data and build solutions to investigate performance bottlenecks and guide the tuning measures. In addition to performance optimization, we expose potential security vulnerabilities with ML-based pattern analysis.

For the manufacturing sector, we build context-specific models that get populated with the cleansed data from the large volumes of Telemetry-based Big Data, which can further help in performing Predictive Maintenance and Optimization. The end-result in designing the tools is to show you cumulative facts, and increase operational productivity with AI.

Sales Intelligence Solutions

You can take advantage of our expertise in building recommendation scripts that your sales teams can use to generate and score new leads. We combine customer data in the conventional systems, data streams arriving from the social media, market dynamics, and create models that are together trained to produce personalized to-do lists for your sales teams (and other channels including partner systems).

In addition to the heuristics specific to your target market, we use our Predictive Modeling and Analytics to increase the certainty in the forecasts and recommendations made.

Our consultants have the expertise to capture the data from various sources that our developers use to build ML scripts. These scripts iteratively get more productive once they start running in your production.

We consider sales as a primary area that your company can take advantage of, by employing the evolving cognitive business technologies. Our AI team is ready to discuss the opportunities to build custom tools that deliver action-oriented sales intelligence.

Data Science Tools for Smart Search

Your enterprise can bring in the power of Data Science with a minimalistic approach through our custom tools. We solve the business problems where enterprises have to process a lot of unstructured data to find/extract the key facts, make the right assumptions, and select the desired content.

Our design expertise includes parsing data from your unstructured documents into building blocks and running them through AI-based classifiers to derive meaning in your business context. We assure the elimination of a lot of mundane human effort besides reducing the errors.

In our experience, most out-of-the-box solutions do not cater to the specific needs in an enterprise, besides presenting privacy/compliance issues. Our team can build tools that are owned by you with a low footprint in terms of design-time and cost.

Some of the industry problems we solve:

  • AI-backed parsing of resumes from a  typical HRIS system (or an external source) to select the right candidates.
  • Mining of legal contracts to reduce the effort in drafting new ones. 
  • Any specific document sources that present the need for a “classified selection” in your enterprise-wide search initiatives.
ML Tools for Location-based Applications

To solve the real-world problems in providing new-age experiences to your customers, such as providing better navigation, Kairos has built competencies to create tools that combine ML and location data.

Our tools apply Design Thinking spanning both businesses and the consumers to make the most of the geographical information. The apps that have access to get-location from the mobile devices get more stickiness as they can present dynamic recommendations

We build location based tools that present smarter navigation for shopping malls, retail stores, public places like sports stadiums and so on, in addition to services on the movie or in the air.

Our ML-based algorithms can combine other solutions based on NLP, Computer Vision and Predictive Modeling with location data, for example, in hospitals to create completely new value to your customers. This gets more relevant if your company needs to provide emergency services or tracking functionality. ML algorithms make your custom tools more reliable when your apps deal with dynamic and error prone location data.

The convergence of Location-based Services (LBS) and AI is a competency that we can deliver to your enterprise today.

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