Corporate food donation drive at North Texas Food Bank, Dallas(NTFB)

Kairos Technologies is a pioneer in the IT resource management field for over 15 years, consistently breaking new grounds. Recently Kairos Technologies set an unprecedented example of transformational leadership and teamwork by organizing first of its kind corporate food donation drive at North Texas Food Bank, Dallas(NTFB) with an exceptionally motivated team comprising of 40 employees and 5 family members.

It all started with a benevolent idea of a visionary leader Mr. Sudhakar Pennam who wanted to initiate a new culture of team work that has a meaningful impact on the community. Giving back to the community was the motto on which strength of the team was defined and tested. This was symbiotic, wholesome, radical and above all a meaningful experience for himself and his team.

Around the first week of this New Year when he floated this idea to his employees, the process was initiated for a lookout for a potential partner who was in alignment with the vision. Co-incidentally Mr. Pennam met Mr. Raj Asava at the IT serve alliance meeting held on February 15th. Mr. Asava is the CEO of Asava consulting Inc. and also the co-founder of Indo-American Council for North Texas Food Bank (NTFB). As it turns out this meeting became momentous and almost predestined. Mr. Asava on listening to Mr. Pennam’s idea immediately agreed to help Kairos Technologies fulfill the noble goal in all his capacity. After the initial draft from Mr. Pennam, this idea gained momentum under Mr. Khan who was the operations head at Kairos. Once the necessary groundwork was laid, the first event was organized on March 9th. A total of 45 enthusiastic employees participated, led by the visionary leader Mr. Pennam.

NTFB is a hunger relief organization helping hundreds of families especially children get access to healthy, nutritious meals across 13 counties. Once they reached NTFB, they were welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Asava. Our team worked on the program that was specially designed to provide nutritious meals over the weekends to kids through school. They were advised on the regulations and the protocols before they headed to the warehouse to pack individual meals for the children. The team completely understood the impact of the event and how each Kairo’s employee was contributing towards a bigger noble objective. The whole effort was meaningful, impactful and above all fun. The entire event was unlike anything they had experienced before, and their happiness was reflected by their laughter, giggles and sheer joy.

Kairos employees not only managed to pack 4,526 meals in a span of 3 hours, but a new sense of camaraderie developed among the team which redefined success at a new dimension. The joy contributing towards a deeper and beautiful purpose driven activity was evident by their smiles. One of the members summed up the experience as “It was a very thoughtful and well-planned event. The enthusiasm, energy and the spirit of giving back to the community made this experience even more worthwhile”

Kairos Technologies has ignited a fierce light of corporate consciousness under the leadership of Mr. Pennam. This is just the beginning of more meaningful works yet to be initiated by Kairos. This single event has inspired every employee of Kairos family to bring more purpose to their life and to others. This is a trailblazing initiative that should spread and seep into many more corporate units in and beyond Dallas. This spark started by Kairos Technologies and Mr. Pennam is going to light many more lamps and spread the light of generosity in a grander way with far reaching consequences.

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Feed School for Visually Challenged

Kairos Technologies Inc and Solunus, Inc, founded by a highly experienced professional, Mr. Sudhakar Pennam, who is a pioneer and a visionary in the IT resource management field with over 20 years, consistently has been breaking new grounds. After having made an indelible mark in the professional front, his inner desire came to the fore front, to help the society and what better than understanding the needs of the not so fortunate ones!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Taking a cue of the adage Kairos leader, Mr. Sudhakar Pennam, strongly believed in and started with a compassionate idea to initiate a new culture of team work that has a meaningful impact in the community. Giving back to the community has been his motto and his vision surely reined over countless members. Apart from his philanthropic offerings in the USA, he set out his vision and focus of what is now termed ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR), the School for the Visually Challenged, Nethra Vidyalaya, Visakhapatnam, AP, India. The school provides Education, Boarding, Food, Primary Health Care and Life Skill training to more than 100 students from Kindergarten to 10th class/grade. It costs about $120 per day to feed nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner to the children.

“Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam”

The CSR activity of Kairos emphasizes upon bringing change in the lives of the needy ones. As part of this Mr. Sudhakar Pennam has been contributing both financially and volunteering for many years at Nethra Vidyalaya. And the humble beginnings were inherited from his father Shri P.V. Rao garu who does his part by distributing free Homeopathy medicines to the visually impaired children alongside a veteran Doctor visiting the School fortnightly. Mr. Sudhakar has taken the next big step by sponsoring a whole day meal to all the students of the school on birthdays and anniversaries of every employee of Kairos Technologies and Solunus. This is indeed a noble gesture of this leader. His thoughts and vision are being liked by many of his close acquaintances who in turn are spreading the noble deeds to worldwide.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Homeopathy free medicines

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

For few ageis just a number.Their vision to help the society supersedes the age. Shri P.V.Rao, Father of, Sudhakar Pennamis such personality. While education teaches us knowledge, society teaches us character. One such person who imbibed the qualities of lending hand is Mr. P. V. Rao. Help comes in various forms. Society is filled with good samaritans. Mr. P. V. Rao gave a thought that would be different than others. He would first initiatethe noble cause of Free Homeopathy medicine distribution in the year 2014 and as they say rest is history.

He welcomed his good friend, Dr.B.Govardhana veteran medical practionerfrom 1964, who lost no opportunity in joining hands and providing free Medical Help to the visually challenged children at “Nethra Vidyalaya”, Varija Ashram, Visakhapatnam.

The vision grew as passion and Dr.Govardhan started visiting the school fortnightly and ever since then been treating the children there for all kinds of ailments that include Fever, Cold, Cough, Digestion problems, Watery and Smarting Eyes, Skin related problems etc. He even gives them medicines to enhance their Memory and Intelligence from his observations. However, as a disciplined medical practioner he ensures to keep health files and updatesafter each visit.

Dr. Govardhan visits the school alongside his staff and medications are provided alternate Sundays each month. It really takes special skills and perseverance to understand the vision of impaired children’s health problems.

Needless to say, all expenses are borne by Mr. Sudhakar Pennam apart from the food sponsorship. The children there have a special liking towards Dr.Govardhan whom they cannot see but feel his Love, concern and caring at all times.

This goes on to prove that character can also be inherited, and the classic example is Mr. Sudhakar Pennam


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