Cognitive AI Assistants

Conversate smartly. Multiply customers.

Kairos has proven expertise in building cognitive AI assistants that conversate with your customers innovatively.

Your customer thought processes get right inside the existing business systems with our competencies in building Cognitive AI assistants that converse smartly.

We combine cognitive computing & AI with your business domain innovatively, enabling new customer experiences and increased potential for profit, by reducing time spent with each user/customer.

Ranging from simple interactions to handling complex situations, we design AI assistants that operate autonomously over time.

Whether we use a cloud platform or build an in-house solution, our projects boost productivity with our reusable asset library that has several utilities, reference frameworks, measurement & testing artifacts such as rigid test data.

Integration services for leading digital assistants

Our team has the expertise to integrate your applications and devices with Apple’s SiriKit, Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant. 

A significant element in our integration projects is the facade design-pattern that delivers a reusable integration API. The API makes both the intended and future integrations easier by reducing typical integration problems, for example, by handling unknown errors gracefully. With ML support, the cognition levels are increased by raising DevOps tickets to make the “unknown as upcoming.”

By integrating your applications with the leading platforms, Kairos helps you add value to your customers by taking advantage of several trends that are converging, right from trusted mobile apps to voice commands and digital payments.

Product development for Cognitive AI assistants

Does your company endeavor to go beyond plug-and-play chatbots that can only automate simple notifications and FAQ-based customer support?

Kairos is a leading vendor that helps you build enterprise-grade conversational assistants that let your customers emphasize their needs and feelings, and get things done.

Our team is experienced in various programming languages like (Python, Prolog, and Java), Cognitive computing, AI, NLP, OCR, Computer Vision, and in using the leading bot platforms (like Rasa,, Amazon Lex, DialogFlow, and Azure Bot Framework). Our reusable framework is a layer on top of the existing technologies and stands as a design-guide for rapid prototyping and development. 

Build and deploy a conversational assistant powered by AI, Cognitive Computing, and our expertise. Boost customer happiness.

Design practices for happy customers

Over the last few years, we have learned several design-time essentials in building robust assistants that leverage Cognitive AI and hook into your business services.

We inculcate human thought processes and decision making in the business processes; however, our interfaces make it clear to the users that it is not a real human providing assistance. 

We always give a fallback option for direct interaction to ensure the AI assistant does not take the users into irrelevant branches.

Keeping the core logic intact, we establish multiple ways to interact as well as receive the output.

Our stateful design enables us to get cognitive about previous interactions from the same user so that we do not have a single path that everyone needs to traverse repeatedly.

Each feature is designed keeping testability in mind, given the fact that there are numerous ways how the conversation can branch. We use mathematical formulas to create the basis for path-based testing.

We measure the performance of our deployments. The metrics are tailored to each context separately and most commonly include Activation Rate, Session Time, and Success versus Confusion ratio.

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