Cloud Services

Leverage our expertise in managing your cloud infra.
We provide/manage cloud infrastructure by integrating Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) on par with today's digital standards to make you stay ahead.

For over a decade, Kairos Technologies has been offering managed cloud services using AWS, enabling businesses to utilize the infrastructure and smartly leverage the virtues delivered by Amazon.

We set up, operate, and gradually scale your databases using Amazon RDS, build web services using Amazon API, and convert/create your web apps into physical serverless ones using Amazon Lambda.
  • Data warehouse creation using Amazon Redshift clusters
  • Provision your cloud infra using AWS CloudFormation
  • Create and handle alerts for service-availability and other business events
  • Log management using Amazon CloudWatch
Our approach to creating a cloud for your enterprise
  • Retire unwanted functionality and retain the necessary business processes.
  • Inherit from our reference-architectures and best practices and create a tailored cloud architecture, aligned with your enterprise IT portfolio.
  • Migrate your databases and redesign document storage methods.
  • Identify and build transactional services and backend jobs using Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Design and test for high-performance (load, stress, volume, and endurance factors).
  • Apply code-level best practices for security (and periodically perform penetration testing).
We have certified developers ready to build secure and high-performance cloud applications that can scale with your business.

We deliver you three fundamental values when you engage us for migrating and managing your enterprise cloud. Innovation. Transformation. Evolution. We understand your customers and create the experiences they love, within your budget.

Kairos AWS Best Practices
  • Strict on-demand consumption with pay-as-you-go.
  • Designing services instead of adding servers for multiple applications.
  • Availability, high-performance, and security as design goals with defined metrics/KPIs.
  • Multi-level logging and alarms for troubleshooting support.
  • Graceful failure with an instant recovery mechanism.

For your mobility, web, or backend systems, we offer cloud deployment as a managed service, backed by years of experience.

We manage the cloud for several enterprises today, and you can leap into it with our proven expertise!
Discover the possibilities specific to your enterprise.

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