AI Strategy Consulting

Strategize AI. Add value to the future.

We give you access to industry-leading experts who can define the right AI strategy and help all the stakeholders identify the opportunities for new applications ground-up, as well as weave intelligence into the existing IT stack.

It could be preventing fraud and managing risk in the finance domain, or reaching the right audience in marketing, our consultants will provide you a roadmap specific to your enterprise/industry. We have competencies both in AI-as-a-service (AIAAS) as well as in-house tools.

Our capability offerings
Value to customers

Design thinking and AI

We combine the principles of Design Thinking with AI technologies in solving known and hidden problems that can take advantage of Data Science.

Defect prevention

The documentation our consultants provide will always include a list of defects to prevent, based on experience and constant research evolving in the AI industry.

Performance of ML algorithms

For each solution ideated in the enterprise-wide AI strategy, we define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs like ROC/AUC to know favorable/false decisions).

AI Governance

Governance in AI, from our experience, is ultimately needed on the Data Quality, periodic human intervention, and the performance to realize the value of new footprints made by the strategy. Our consultants provide you with a mechanism to govern the budget, usage, and quantify various factors, insightfully.

Evolving competencies

As a team, our collective competencies span across statistics, linear algebra, probability theory, ML/DL frameworks like tensorflow, programming expertise in Python & R, cloud-based AI services from Google & Amazon, to name a few. Our consultants can define a solid AI foundation with the right tools and algorithms that work for you.

Add “science” to data

As a very first step, we map the world of Data Science to the information flowing across your enterprise. We treat all data, structured and unstructured with due respect the content in them. This includes documents like PDFs, MS Word, Images, Videos, Audio, and conventional data from the databases.

Make automation “self-governed”

With our unique approaches in integrating Computer Vision (CV), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and AI/Data Science, automation gets to the next level, on par with Industry 4.0 (and the digital wave).

Visualize the “invisible”

Our consultants define the insights your managers can use to augment their human cognition from the conventional reporting. These include historic, current, and futuristic dimensions usually not found in OLAP reports. Our strategists aim at making them customer-centric and help in decision making.

Add “awareness” to applications 

Using ML/DL for learning from the operational data, and applying Predictive Modeling, your applications will get the right knowledge on dynamic behavior to adapt, and the analytical ability to foresee the outcomes.

Increase “trust” with unbiased AI

The unbiased approaches and the carefully selected thresholds in our AI-based decision making build trust and do not give preference to any influencing factors like demography, age, or gender. Our consultants take due care in not letting bias dominate the AI implementation. We set up mechanisms to refine and govern this periodically.

Sell “new-age” experiences

By designing new solutions that can understand, sense, learn, and behave based on customer behavior, innovate new business models.

Discover the new virtues AI can bring to your company. Let us strategize AI with due-diligence today.

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