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Fast, Efficacious, and Affordable Testing Solutions for Your Customized CRM Tools.

Kairos’ comprehensive range of Salesforce testing services empowers you to leverage the CRM platform effectively, by fully validating its customized features; our specialists help you meet your growth targets by delivering world-class quality engineering services for the Salesforce platform.

We deliver state-of-the-art solutions to test Salesforce.com (SFDC) applications that allow you to obtain the desired results with minimal expenditure and effort, in the shortest timeframes. Our Salesforce Quality Engineering Center of Excellence (SFQE CoE) serves as a one-stop shop for all your testing needs pertaining to configuration, customization, and enterprise-wide integration of the CRM powerhouse.

Get the Best Value from Kairos’ Cost-efficient Salesforce Testing Services Fully Customized to Your Needs

We provide a wide array of Salesforce testing services, which are listed below.

Functional Testing

We test SFDC applications rigorously to ensure they function as desired. Our quality engineering experts help you:

  • Develop user stories and perform validations of all customizations to the CRM tools
  • Test partially completed configurations, incomplete customizations and weak integrations with other IT platforms in end-to-end workflows
  • Make sure users are added to the right profiles, with the required roles
  • Validate role-based access to Salesforce data
  • Functionality of networks

Data Storage

Our team conducts comprehensive testing of the data storage capacity of your Salesforce system. We work with you to:

  • Make sure data is stored in the right directories and unforeseen terminations don’t occur
  • Identify data storage issues in different multi-tenancy scenarios and problems with governance limits
  • Ensure full coverage of specific scenarios where data storage can pose challenges

System Performance Testing

We develop and execute rigorous tests to validate the performance of your Salesforce system; our experts will:

  • Check how the system responds to user actions within reasonable time limits
  • Test the performance of the system by subjecting it to huge quantities of data
  • Validate various scenarios involving concurrent user actions

Security Testing

Our specialists test the security features of your Salesforce.com applications to make sure they are adequately protected from a wide variety of cyber threats, by:

  • Validating access permissions to your data to ensure only persons with the right authorizations can use it
  • Testing different scenarios of anonymous user access
  • Checking storage, transmission, and retrieval of the information under encryption

Integration and Application Programming Interface (API) Testing

We deliver first-rate solutions for testing the integration of your Salesforce system with various other applications. Our team will make sure all:

  • End-to-end workflows are thoroughly validated.
  • 3rd party integrations with APIs work well
  • APIs (including those provided by third parties) function as intended

Regression Testing

Our specialists enable you to roll out new features to your users rapidly by pre-selecting and prioritizing regression test cases and scripts. We ensure:

  • Effective coverage of regression test suits to facilitate hassle-free seasonal upgrades to your Salesforce system
  • Test coverage goes way beyond the mandated 75% Apex code coverage
  • Seamless automation testing using pre-developed scripts for commonly used processes

UI Testing

We perform extensive testing of all customizations made to the Lightning user interface of your SFDC applications to make sure your users get the best experience. Our UI specialists:

  • Validate various visual elements such as colors, fonts and size and ensure the layout is properly structured.
  • Check for consistency in the presentation of the elements to ensure the user interface has a neat look and feel

AI-enabled Automation Testing

Our AI-powered automation solutions enable you to test your Salesforce system with high efficacy, rapidly, with minimal effort and cost. Our experts:

  • Perform detailed analyses based on the type of defects identified earlier, leveraging historical test data
  • List common defects that may arise, and this helps us complete the testing process expeditiously.
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Harnessing Unrivaled Testing Tool Expertise to Deliver Desired Results.

We’ve rich experience in the following testing tools, which allows us to ensure the perfect quality of your Salesforce system.

  • Tools that come with the Salesforce platform, including a set of utility tools such as apps, feature settings, Slack, Einstein, objects, and fields, and so on.
  • Salesforce Process Builder – this tool allows us to test workflows and validate various criteria
  • Open-source tools such as Selenium with Salesforce utilities

Commercial low/no-code tools such as Provar, Leap work, and ACCELQ

Why You Should Use Kairos’ Salesforce Testing Services.
  • Comprehensive testing of multi-tenant, multi-environment, and multi-experience cloud deployments
  • A robust framework that enables early automation of tests to minimize effort and cost
  • Pre-built scripts and accelerators that can be tweaked and added to your automation suite
  • Reusable testing artifacts with externalized data and test parameterization
  • Risk-based test coverage, going much beyond the mandatory 75% test coverage
  • Rich domain experience in sales and marketing, healthcare, and customer service
  • A proven process that enables a parallel exploratory testing track (even if the regression suite is fully automated) to test new aspects such as negative workflows
  • An ability to weave in cross-browser testing and multi-device testing seamlessly into the testing effort, within each test plan, without the need for separate test cycles
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